Donations and sponsors

Thanks to donations from University Fund and former students from TU Delft, and more than one hundred and thirty other donors via, we were able to make a start with the first phage bank in the Netherlands. We do this together with our medical partners. Our goals have not yet been achieved. Support therefore our initiative to further expand the phage bank and to do the research needed to make phage therapy possible in the Netherlands.

Your support is welcome at the website of TU Delft and on



Geld inzamelen |


We need a substantial amount of support to realize our goals. The financial support will be used to do the following:

  • Collect bacteriophages to create a international phage bank checked for safety.
  • Promote phage therapy among MDs, politicians and insurers.
  • Develop accessible patient information and supervision plans.
  • Test treatment plans with bacteriophages. 
  • Prevent phage resistance
  • Set up phage diagnostic center to test phage sensitivity profiles and provide phage production facilities.

What did we achieve sofar?

  • The Fagenbank now has a collection of 120 bacteriophages against 9 different pathogenic bacteria. These phages are now being checked for safety.
  • The Fagenbank is in contact with MDs who are interested to use phage therapy in an experimental setting.
  •  The Fagenbank has created general awareness for phage therapy through media attention (e.g. television) and by initiating discussions with many stakeholders. This will be further expanded.