Bacteriophages as an alternative to antibiotics


Bacteria are more often becoming resistant to antibiotics. Every year, 33,000 people die in Europe from infections with resistant bacteria, and that could become 10 million worldwide in the year 2050. It is therefore important that alternatives to existing antibiotics will be developed.

Bacteriophages can be an alternative, but unfortunately in the Netherlands there is a lack of knowledge to use bacteriophages medically. There is also no suitable regulation yet. In anticipation of legal possibilities, the Fagenbank has created a collection of bacteriophages that can be used by doctors for the treatment of patients.

Goal of the Fagenbank

The goal of the Fagenbank is to develop phage therapy together with doctors.


Stimulate research into the efficacy and safety of bacteriophage therapy as a treatment method for antibiotic-resistant infections.

Electron micrograph of bacteriophages
Purified phages