10 intravenous phage therapy cases against various bacterial pathogens shows we really need a big phage bank.

February 2021

Bacteriophages have been used to reduce E. faecalis infections in the liver

Bacteriophage therapy in the gut seems effective to reduce Enterococcus faecalis infections in the liver. This breakthrough paper was published in Nature. A commentary here.

January 2020

Resistant bacterium causes trouble in Dutch hospital

A resistant form of the bacterium Citrobacter freundii with the NDM resistance gene has caused the death of a patient in the Zaanstad hospital. The phage bank already has several phages against this bacterium in its collection and would like to use it to help infected patients.

May 2019

Breakthrough in phage therapy

A 15-year-old girl has been successfully treated with three bacteriophages after a lung transplant. Scientists and doctors from the United States and Great Britain not only report that infections got less, but also that the long-term injection of bacteriophages into the blood and application to the skin was well tolerated by the human body. This study again indicates that bacteriophages should be considered seriously as an alternative to treating infections that do not respond to antibiotics. It also invites large studies with groups of patients.

May 2019


Fagenbank officially opened

The Fagenbank was officially opened on 16 April 2019 by researchers from TU Delft and doctors from UMC Utrecht and in the presence of hundreds of interested parties in the Aula in Delft.

April 2019

Fagenbank gives training

The Fagenbank helps doctors from Radboud UMC Nijmegen with phage training. The treatment helped a patient to get rid of a urinary tract infection. The case report is here.

May 2020

Baby saved with phages

A baby in Belgium has been saved from an infection that occurred after a liver transplant. The infection could be controlled with bacteriophages.

April 2019

University fund enables Fagenbank start-up

Thanks to a donation from the University Fund and TU Delft alumni, we were able to make a start with the only public bacteriophage bank in the Netherlands. Your support to continue with this remains very much needed.

November 2018


Fagenbank team

The Fagenbank team is ready.

April 2019

Minister Bruins thinks along

Minister Bruins of Medical Care is positive about research into bacteriophages in the Netherlands. He says this following the broadcast of Dokters van Morgen about bacteriophages.

Bacteriophage therapy - and in particular research into it - is now practically impossible in the Netherlands due to legislation and regulations, while patients for who antibiotics are not or no longer working could benefit from it. In the broadcast, researchers called on the minister to help make such research possible in the Netherlands as well.

February 2019



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